Exchange Rules

(1) Detailed Rules of Show Coins Exchange

The number of coins totally is 10 billion.

The total amount of 5 billion (50%) is expected to be swapped for 40,000 ETHs.



Footingstone Investment (12%). Partially locked. For details, please refer to the Rules.

Private Equity (38%) . Partially locked. For details, please refer to the Rules.

The exchanged Show Coins are used for the research and development and infrastructure construction of the Show Coins system.

The remaining 5 billion (50%) will be used for incentive distribution, project maintenance and investment incubation.

Five billion coins are distributed in the following proportions:

Two billion coins (20%) are used for the ecological construction of the Show Coins.

Billions of coins (20%) are used for user growth, promotion and market acquisition of Show Coins.

Two billion Show Coins (10%) are used for rewards to the founding team, locked for two years and then unlocked 25% every six months totally for four years. Award details are set by the project initiation team.

(2)Special remarks

The system will collect "Friction" fee of 1/10000 for every transaction in the Show Coin system to prevent the trash from being traded and destroyed in a fixed account, and no trading is allowed. If the transaction frequency is higher than expected, the "friction" ratio will be properly adjusted to ensure the system works well but it will be destroyed forever to prevent secondary circulation and black box operation.

(3)Release time

It will be released at x o’clock, x month x day, 2018

(4)Release methods

The Show Coin exchange will accept the following three kinds of tokens, namely: BTC / ETH / Qtum.

(5)Distribution and Transfer

It takes up to a month for the Show Coin to finish distribution, and the fastest one can be released after the exchange is over.

Prior to the official distribution of the show coins, Show Coin will provide an opportunity to withdraw from the project funds. For the specific time and date, see the rules.

Risk Disclosure

● Policy risks

At present, the regulatory policies for the blockchain projects and the financing of swap are still unclear. There is a certain possibility of participants losing due to policy reasons. For the market risk, if the overall value of the digital asset market is overestimated, then the investment risks will increase and participants may expect the growth of swap projects to be excessive, but these high expectations may not be realized.

● Supervision risks

Digital asset transactions including the Show Coin, are highly uncertain. As there is currently no strong regulation in the field of digital asset transactions, there is a risk that electronic token will skyrocket and be subject to market manipulation. After individual participants enter the market, In the absence of experience, it may be difficult to withstand the asset shock and psychological stress caused by market instability. Although academics, the government media and so forth have given cautious suggestions from time to time, there are still no written supervisory methods and provisions promulgated. Therefore, such risks are hard to be effectively circumvented.

It is undeniable that there will be the introduction of regulatory regulations to constrain the regulation of blockchain and electronic token areas in the foreseeable future. If regulated entities regulate the sector, the tokens purchased during the swap may be affected, including but not limited to fluctuations or limits in price and marketability.

● Team risks

Currently, there are numerous blockchain technology teams and projects, there is a strong market competition and project operating pressure under fierce competition. Whether the show coin project can break through many outstanding projects and is widely recognized is not only linked to its own team capabilities and vision planning, but also influenced by many competitors and oligarchs in the market. In the meantime, there is the possibility of vicious competition. Based on the contacts accumulated by the founder for many years in the industry, the show coin brings together a contingent of talents with both vitality and strength, attracting senior practitioners in the area of blockchain and experienced technical developers. The stability and cohesion within the team are crucial to the overall development of the show coin. In the future development, some core personnel may leave from the team and the internal conflict within the team, which may cause the show coin project adversely affected.

● Coordination risks

The Show Coin founding team will spare no effort to achieve the development goals set out in the White Paper and extend the space for project growth. However, given the unforeseen factors in the overall development trend of the industry, the current business model and the overall planning approach can not be in good agreement with the market demand, resulting in unmanageable earnings. In the meantime, since this white paper may be adjusted as the details of the project are updated, if the updated details of the project are not readily available to the exchange participants or the public is not aware of the latest progress of the project, the participants or the general public may become unsymmetric or lack of awareness of the project, which may affect the follow-up project development.

● Technical risks

First of all, the project is based on the cryptography algorithm, and the rapid development of cryptography is bound to bring potential risk of being cracked. Secondly, technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralization and disagreement support core business development , The show coin team can not fully guarantee the technical landing; Thirdly, during the process of project update and adjustment, there may be some loopholes that can be remedied by issuing patches, but the degree of impact caused by the loopholes can not be guaranteed.

● Safety risks

In terms of safety, the amount of individual supporters is small, but the total number is large, which also places high demands on the safety and security of the project. Electronic token is anonymous, difficult to be traced and other characteristics, which shall be easily used by criminals, or by hackers, or may involve illegal assets such as criminal activities. Other risks unknown at present: With the continuous development of the district fast-chain technology and the overall industry situation, Show Coin may face some unforeseen risks. Invite participants to participate in the decision-making before the full understanding of the team background, the overall framework of the project and train of thought, a reasonable adjustment of their own vision, the rational participation in the exchange of tokens.


This document is for informational purposes only and the contents of this document are for information purposes only and do not constitute any investment advice, solicitation or solicitation of the sale of stocks or securities in Show Coin and its related companies. Such invitations must be made in the form of a confidential memorandum, subject to the relevant securities laws and other laws. The contents of this document may not be construed as compelled to participate in the exchange. Nothing in this White Paper may be considered as participation in the exchange, including the requirement to obtain a copy of this White Paper or to share this White Paper with others. Participating in the exchange means that the participants have reached the age criteria and possess complete civil capacities. The contract with Show Coin is true and valid. All participants signed the contract voluntarily and had a clear and necessary understanding of the Show Coin before signing a contract.

The Show Coin team will continue to make reasonable attempts to ensure that the information in this White Paper is true and accurate. During the development process, the platform may be updated, including but not limited to platform mechanisms, tokens and their mechanisms, token distribution. Portions of the document may be adjusted in the new White Paper as the project progresses, and the team will release the update by posting a notice or a new White Paper on the site. Please be sure to get the latest White Papers, and make timely adjustments to your decisions based on the updates. It is expressly disclaimed that the participants will not be liable for any loss resulting from (i) reliance on the contents of this document, (ii) inaccuracies of the information in this document, and (iii) any action resulting from this document. The team will spare no efforts to achieve the goals mentioned in the document, but due to the existence of force majeure, the team can not make a full promise.

Show Coin is an important tool for generating performance on the platform and is not an investment product. Owning a Show Coin does not mean giving its owner ownership, control, or decision-making rights to the Show Coin platforms. Show Coin as a digitally encrypted currency does not fall into the following categories: (a) currencies of any kind; (b) securities; (c) shares of legal entities; (d) stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, certificates or other Instruments that grant any rights.

Depending on the market rules and the application of post-arrival demand, the value of the Show Coin may not have any value. The team will not make any commitment to its value-added and will not be responsible for the consequences caused by the increase or decrease in value. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, FOR THE DAMAGES AND RISKS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFIT, LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION, OR ANY OTHER ECONOMIC DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE INTEREST IN CONNECTION WITH THE PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Show Coin platform should comply with any regulations for healthy development conducive to the exchange of industries and the development of self-regulation industry self-declaration. Participant and its Delegates will fully accept and abide by such inspections. At the same time, all information disclosed by participants to accomplish such inspections must be complete and accurate. The Show Coin platform clearly communicated possible risks to the participants. Once the participants participate in the exchange, they acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions in the Rules, accept the potential risks of this platform and bear the consequences.